Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Representations in my music video

For our music video by Jack Johnson 'Better Together', we have decided to be a bit more creative with the video and not stick to the conventions that are portrayed in his other videos and similar genres. Most of his videos do not include and women and mostly focus on him as an artist. The conventions of a Jack Johnson video is performance based, with the main focus on him and his performance. Many of his music videos are in black and white such as, 'If I had eyes', 'Hope' and 'Buddha'. His videos also feature a considerable amount of close up's and extreme close up's, not only just of him, but also of the instruments he plays in that particular video and sometimes the mic and his lips. However some of his videos have shown to be narratives, for example his song 'Upside down' is animated and features a well known cartoon, curious George. This is one of his different videos expressing more of the narrative of he song, as it tells a story throughout and shows a more fun and creative side to the artist.

In our video we are going to try and represent the artist a bit different from Jack Johnson. We are looking to portray him with a bit more character than we see of him is his videos, the reason we wanted to do this is because we thought he was a bit dull and wanted to allow the audience to see more character. We want our artist to be represented as a more masculine person, we have decided to incorporate this characteristic into our costume, by having a signature piece of clothing such as, a hat or a scarf. Another way we are showing him as a more masculine artist is by having a girl in the video. We feel that this will represent him as a more masculine person as it shows him in a relationship with a girl. However we have chosen not to represent him as the 'sexy male' as we want a more reserved and sensitive view of him in this video. We will have many close up's of the artist as well as we want him to be more established, this is one of the conventions used in his music video that we want to keep to represent him in a certain way. He will also be acting as the male lead role, this will allow the audience to gain more information on his personality.

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