Saturday, 2 July 2011

Marketing Strategies: Music Industry

Kaiser Chiefs: 
The kaiser chiefs are the first band to launch an album via digital platform that lets music fans create their very own unique 'Kaiser Chief album'. This marketing strategy was created as an attempt to discourage illegal downloading of albums and tracks before the actual official release.
The band put 20 of their new tracks online, and the fans can choose any of their favourite 10 tracks, in order to create their own version of the Kaiser chief's 'The Future is Medieval' album. Once they create their album they can then download it for £7.50. the platform also encourages the fans to promote the album that they have made to other fans, they can do this via social networks. Fans then receive £1 for every version of the album they sell through a personal transactional  website. Celebrities will also be creating their own versions, and all profits made will go to charity, in aid of the Alzheimer's society. 
This is the website where you can create and view personalised albums:

Interruption Marketing:
Kanye West took this marketing strategy to a whole new level when he interrupted Taylor Swift to promote Beyonce’s video. So here’s what happened, Taylor Swift was awarded her very first ever VMA Award during the 2009 MTV VMA Awards Ceremony. As she was giving her acceptance speech Kanye West came up from behind her, took the microphone, and began to humiliate her in front of everyone in the audience and on national TV. He interrupted her speech to promote his own agenda. Kanye felt that Beyonce should have won the award and he wanted to promote Beyonce and her video. Kanye didn’t take out an Ad in Rolling Stone the week after the VMAs. Kanye didn’t use the situation to create new content by recording a songexpressing his views. Instead Kanye West followed an Interruption Marketing Strategy. Unfortunately for him, as with many of the businesses who also use this strategy, he fell flat on his face. The footage can be seen on youtube via this link: 

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