Thursday, 30 June 2011

Evaluation Of Lip Syncing Task.

What are you most happy with in your lip syncing task and why? 
I am most happy with the precision of our lip syncing, with the visual clips to the separate audio track. This proved to be quite difficult in the process of  putting the video together. The image was either to fast for the audio or too slow, by using the image of the wave forms and the audio from the clip we were able to successfully sync the audio and clips. 
Another part of the task that i am most happy with is the different shots we used, the fist main shot is a medium shot of the two boys throughout the video. The second shot we used was the walking shot, which was when the girl (devki) was walking towards the camera whilst singing, I enjoyed filming this shot and I think it came out very well. One of the most liked shots was the spin around shot, we used it twice, once where there was a clip of one girl (me) lip singing and the camera is going around me whilst the long note is playing out. We also used it at the end when we see two girls dancing at the end as the music was fading out and we though people dancing would be appropriate as there was no singing. 

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