Saturday, 27 August 2011

Michael Buble Music Video Analysis

This music video is a narrative, as what you see tells a story and also the various shots in the video illustrate the lyrics of the song. Michael buble's genre of songs, are mainly traditional pop and jazz, this particular song is traditional pop as there is a fast beat and this is the style of some of his other songs
In this video you can clearly see that it is all shot on multiple sets.
Michael is the main person in the video as we see him walking around and appearing on different sets, according to the lyrics heard in the song.
This is an over the shoulder shot of michael looking onto the first set, in which the lyrics are 'Could you be a teenage idol?' The teenager in this shot is meant to look like the famous teenage idol at present, Justin Bieber. 

In this shot Michael is dressed up as the teenage idol Justin Bieber, while he lip sings to his song.
This video of Michael's song shows us many stereotypes, such as the teenage idol, the rockstar and the typical western cowboy.

This here is one of the many typical western shots, as the lyrics in this particular verse are 'Well you can do the mighty tango'. In the rest of this shot we see the 'non-western' Michael shoot the western Michael with trigger fingers (His hand in a shape of a gun).

This is Michael's stereotype version of a rockstar, again we see him dressed up as the rockstar. The first lyric to this verse is 'So you want to be a rockstar' and then the 'rockstar' appears with two 'groupies'. The women link to the second lyric which is 'with blue eyed bunnies in your head' as the women are blue eyed and would stereotypically be seen as 'bunnies'.

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