Saturday, 3 September 2011

Chris brown 'I can transform ya' music video analysis

This song is by an artist named, Chris Brown, his songs are mainly RnB, urban, hip hop, pop and soul. This particular song is has more of a RnB and hip hop type of genre.

This music video is a performance based video, featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beats. We can see that it is a performance based video as Chris Brown is dancing in most of the video, and the other artists are seen holding instruments.

There are many effects used in this video to illustrate the title of the song, 'I can transform ya'. Many of the effects are various objects such as cars or motorbikes transforming into people or a group of people.

The Lyrics at the end of Chris Brown's first verse, 'red lips, red dress, like em like a fire truck' becomes visual as him and the people he is dancing with transform into a firetruck.

In the video most of the lyrics are put into visuals, by using the title song as the main theme, 'transforming'. Most of the transformations are into cars and motorbikes which are stereotypical of R&B and hip hop songs. Here are some screengrabs showing the objects and transformations.

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