Thursday, 29 September 2011

Copyright E-mail

Due to copyright issues of the track we are going to use I have to write to the record company, asking permission to use the song. I have drafted an email to the company asking permission and informing them how I will be using the song.

Dear Copyright Holder,

I am an A level student writing to request your permission to use  Jack Johnson's track 'Better Together'.

With your permission, this track would be used in our current A-level Media Studies project, which involves creating a music video, as well as producing an album cover and a magazine advert for the artist. The artist in my music video will not be using the original artist's name, 'Jack Johnson' as I will be creating a new marketing strategy for a new up and coming artist.

If I receive your permission, this track would ONLY be used in an educational context, and will be viewed by my media class, my media teacher and the OCR examination board moderator. It would NOT be used for any financial purposes or gain, nor the school or I intend to make any profit out of using your artist's track. 

The artist and your company would of course be fully recognised throughout pre-production and the final video itself. A copyright notice, with wording supplied by you can be recorded in the project. If this is required please send full details. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Miss Shreyaa Pattni 

Park High School, UK

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