Friday, 16 September 2011

Reasons for song choices

Foster the People - Pumped up kicks
We chose this song because we wanted to try and use a song which is not very well known, and the genre is not as big as, for example RnB. Another reason is because this song sounded quite chilled and we thought because it sounded quite free and you couldn't picture anything in particular when listening to it, we could do whatever we wanted to. However once we listened to the song a few times and looked at the lyrics, we found that the meaning wasn't what we originally thought it was. The lyrics resembled a teenage kid getting revenge on his bullies, 'All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run better run, out run my gun.'  So we decided not to use this song as we would be restricted to a more narrative based video and felt that we couldn't achieve what we wanted as a music video for this song.

Lupe Fiasco - Go to sleep
This song was also not very well known which was the first reason we chose it. Even though the artist is well known we found that not many people had heard this song of his in particular. Another reason was because it had a steady beat throughout therefore making it quite simple to edit in terms of which shots should go where and when. However the reason we decided not to use this track was because firstly it was a slow song, therefore the video content would have to be quite interesting to keep the audience watching. We were also struggling with the lyrics and what we would actually do in our video, for this song.

Chris Brown - Beautiful people
This song was the opposite of what our song criteria was, this song was very mainstream, well known and the genre/artist was big. When we were considering this song for our music video we were thinking of what we would do in our music video, one of the main things on our list of song criteria was that we would be able to generate many ideas which we thought would work. Once we listened to this song we had a range of ideas which we were very happy about and thought we could make it happen and it would be a success. However we didn't want go for this song straight away because we had only looked at three songs, so we continued to look. We were also quite worried at the fact it was a very well known song as well, and maybe wasn't the best choice for our music video.

Blackstreet - No diggity
This is what would be considered as an outlier compared to our other choices. The reason we chose this song is because we only had one song in the running for our music video, we then decided to change our criteria slightly and look for older songs that we don't hear as much nowadays. We thought that we could modernise these songs through the video to give it a new look. This wasn't a serious track choice as we know that is is still a very well known and big song, when we gained feedback we realised that it would be hard to do this song justice.

Jack Johnson - Better together
The reason we chose this song is because it completely fits with our song criteria. The artist and the song aren't very well known, we also looked at his record label and found that the artists they sign are within the genre we wanted to do. I personally have listened to Jack Johnson before and he was the perfect fit for us. When we heard the song we weren.t to keen on it as we thought it would be boring, however after a few times of listening to it, we quickly began generating ideas for the video, how we would edit it and what the digipak would look like, because we had such strong ideas for this song and we believed it would work we decided to choose this song. 

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