Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Adele 'Rolling in the deep' music video analysis

This music video is a narrative, as again this video tells a story however it is not as clear as other videos as it is mainly portrayed in metaphors. The song is a story of a break up. This could also been seen as some sort of performance video as Adele is the focus and only main performer in the video. The genre of this song is soul/rhythm and blues.

The editing of this music video flows with the very strong beat throughout the song. As the beat changes in the chorus, it gets faster, the editing gets faster with it. this strong beat also controls most of the shots in the video.

The mise-en-scene of this video is very dull and a constant contrast between black and white, with quite natural colours as well.

Some of the hidden metaphors in the video relate to the lyrics, this song is about a break up, and with Adele sitting in the chair represents defiance throughout the video. 

The constant breaking of the cups and plates represents the constant fighting in the relationship, how regular they are.
In the video we see a dancer, dancing in powder throwing it in the air, this distorts the image and links to the lyrics by showing that the relationship itself is distorted. 

In this video like many others there is a relationship between the lyrics and visuals. Adele is the main focus of the video, and we see many close ups of her. 

The visuals are constantly amplifying, illustrating and contradicting the lyrics, however the links between the visuals and lyrics are not blatant and are shown through metaphors.

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