Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Evolution of a Star: Britney Spears

Britney Spears appeared in the show 'The Mickey Mouse club' in 1992 after she had been a contestant on the show star search. She stayed with the mickey mouse club show until it was cancelled. 
In June 1997 Britney pitched to various record labels, after finally being signed by Jive Records at the age of 16.
From 'Baby one more time'
She briefly joined all girl pop band, Innosense in 1997 but soon broke away to pursue her solo career. 
From 'Baby one more time'
Her debut album 'Baby one more time' was released in January 1999. It became the biggest ever selling album by a teenage artist. The video to the single 'baby one more time' also became well known and showed her as a school girl. This video became very famous because of the school setting and outfits and the dancing.
From the single 'Crazy'
From the single 'Crazy'
The single 'Crazy' was released after the album and the video was quite similar, as she was dressed in a waitresses outfit in the beginning and then changes into similar clothes when dancing. 
'Oops i did it again' was the next hit single from the album. The video to this song showed a much more sexualised Britney. It was also a change from her previous videos in which she was dressed as someone, catholic schoolgirl/ waitress and then changed into a crop top and baggy trousers. 
In 2001 her videos became more narrative and this showed Britney as a more matured woman, 'Lucky' and 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.' This also allowed her to change her voice from a 'pop voice' to a more adult and recognizable voice. These screen grabs on the right are taken from the video 'I'm a slave for you' which was released in 2001. Many of her videos from 2000-2004 show her as a sexualised woman, other songs include 'Overprotected', 'Toxic', 'Piece of me', 'Womanizer' and many others. As she became more famous her videos were of a higher budget and included stunts and better settings. Shown in the screengrab on the right below. From 'Toxic' to 'Piece of me' Britney had changed in her videos from being very very sexualised to a less sexualised woman after her rehab and children. 
These are screengrabs from toxic, the first two at the top and the bottom two are screengrabs from Piece of me. 
Her most recent video 'I wanna go' is a narrative based video with some elements of performance. This is her newest song and shows how she is still continuing to be successful  in her own way. Here are some screengrabs on the left.

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