Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Rough cut to Test shoot

On Tuesday 25th of October we went and filmed all the shots of the main artist in our specified location. We got all the footage we needed on the day, however when we watched it back during editing we saw that the actor did not perform very well. Therefore we decided not to use the shots for our actual music video, instead we renamed the footage as test shoot footage. 
From this footage we saw what we needed to improve on and how we needed to reshoot our footage. The actor's performance in particular was what we felt did not go well, we talked about it and we came up with a few points on what we could tell him to do better to improve the shots. He needed to accentuate his lips when singing so it was more obvious he was singing, also needed to show some emotion when singing he looks too fixated or looks like he is day dreaming. Another issue was the guitar playing, it is very bad as you will be able to see in the footage below. To resolve this, we looked on youtube for the chords of the song and we are going to try and help the actor play the guitar a bit better. When we got feedback we were told we should use a guitar pick which would make it easier for him to play the guitar, they also agreed on points that we thought needed improvement on. Below is our test shoot footage put together to give you a little insight to how part of our music video would look. 

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