Friday, 9 December 2011

Evaluation Task 1 - In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (i.e music videos)

(Numbering left to right)
1. This shot shows the relationship between the lyrics and visuals. It does this by showing the couple sharing a loving moment with the audience, whilst the lyrics read 'Its always better when we're together.' This portray's the link between the visuals and lyrics to the audience clearly. 
2. This shot display's how the record company would want the artist to be represented. It does this by showing the artist is comfortable in a natural environment, we can see he is comfortable by the way he is holding the guitar. The guitar is also displayed on his album cover and magazine advert, which are also in natural surroundings, which appeals further to the record company, Brushfire Records.
3. We can tell what type of music genre is being displayed in this shot as the acoustic guitar is the main aspect of the frame. Also his clothes suggest the genre is soft rock as they are casual and simple.
4. This particular shot of the guitar shows intertextual reference to James Morrison's video 'You make it real'. This close up of the artist playing the guitar, shows that the artist has talent and plays it throughout the video.
5. This close up of the artist singing shows good use of camera as we created this shot by using a low angle on the artist so the audience would stay focused on his expressions and singing.
6. This shot focuses on the lighting, we used a lamp and the actual main light in the bedroom to make it brighter. We also opened the curtains and used an tall powerful light that made a big difference to the shot. this shot is where the sun fades into the light bulb into the bedroom scene.
7. The mise-en-scene in this shot links with the genre again as the setting is all natural and we can see all of him showing him in casual clothes, emphasising how simple the genre and he is.
8. This is a shot from one of  Jack Johnson's videos. This is a similar shot to shot number 4 as it is a low angle and is focusing on himself rather than the surroundings. Also this shot is a behind the scenes shot, we also include many behind the scene shots of our video. This was an inspirational shot.
9. This is taken from the music video called 'who says' by John Mayer. This shot is a picture of him and friends, we tried to replicate this affect by putting in still images into our video with our artist in it. 

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