Friday, 9 December 2011

Evaluation Task 1 - Part Two

1.  This shot from James Morrison's video 'I wont let you go' shows the link between lyrics and visuals. This is because we see James Morrision lying next to a girls holding her hand whilst the lyrics read 'i wont let you go' this visually emphasises those lyrics.
2. Here we can see the artist playing the guitar in what seems to be his home, his body language suggests he is quite relaxed whilst playing the guitar. This implies he is a very laid back 'down to earth' guy which fits with the record company.  
3. This shows the music genre by the acoustic guitar being played by the artist and the microphone in whilst he is singing into. These are the only props or instruments being used, which we can infer from that it is a specific music genre.
4. This close up of the artist singing into the microphone shows intertextual reference to other similar genre music videos as it aims to show emotion of the song coming from the artist.
5. This extreme close up of the artist frames him in the centre of the shot and also blurs the background so the audience can see the artists face whilst he is singing. They can see the emotion from the song and this gives the shot a personal touch as the audience would feel he is connecting directly with them. 
6. The video for 'Broken Strings' is shot a a hotel room. This establishing shot shows that the room is well lit and we can clearly see everything in the room. This shot aims to create a reflective shot to then show the female artist on the other side of the room.
7. This is another shot from the video 'You make it real' by James Morrison. This shot shows good mise-en-scene in perspective with the meaning of the song. The shot looks gloomy and grey representing sadness, also the artist is sitting alone on the stage this shows that he feels lost.
8. This is one of our inspirational shots, this is of James Morrison again from the video 'Broken Strings'. He is framed to the side of the shot however it is still a close up of him. We did this in our video as well from 0:12-0:15 he is framed to the side of the shot and it is a close of him singing the first verse.
9. Another inspirational shot here is from John Mayer's video 'Waiting on the world to change'. This shows a partly frontal and side view of the artist, we created a similar shot of our artist from 0:58-1:02. The camera is focusing on the side of his face however we are still able to see part of the front of his face. 

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